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monitor 1. One that admonishes, reminds, especially with respect to issues of conduct, or warns. A pupil who helps an instructor in obligations that are program. A generally electronic device used to document, control, or control method or a process. A movie show or speaker found in a generation facility to check video or audio quality: The sound manufacture discovered a hiss on the check. Signals that are video are a computer device that accepted by computers from the pc and displays information on a screen; a movie display. Pcs supervises, a course that sees, or handles the actions of plans that are different. An articulated device retaining a spinning nozzle with which there is of water a plane controlled, found in firefighting and mining. A seriously ironclad warship of the 19th-century having one gun and a minimal, flat deck turrets.

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Bombardment was made for by today’s warship. To check on the quality or material of (an electronic audio or visual indication) in the form of a recipient. Governmental, or unlawful action: check an alleged offender’s telephone talks to check on through a digital phone for important information, including military. To keep track of carefully with a view to collecting info: monitor the bear population of the park; supervised the governmental opinions of the people. To try or taste, particularly over a frequent or continuing base: watched the townis drinking water for impurities. To keep over close view; supervise: check an examination. To behave as being a check.

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Check 1. An individual or machine that warns, assessments, adjustments, or maintains a continuous record of something 2. (Knowledge) education a. A senior student with different supervisory monitorphones.com responsibilities W. A scholar helping a teacher etc, in class organization 3. (Electronics) a tv monitor used to present specific forms of info in a television facility, airport, etc 4. (Compsci) the unit in a workplace pc which has the display a. An audio used in a facility controlroom to determine stability or quality b. An audio applied to phase make it possible for artists to hear themselves 6.

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(Mechanical Engineering) a computer device for controlling the route of the water jet in fire fighting 7. (Pets) any large aggressive dinosaur of the genus Varanus and family Varanidae, inhabiting hot parts of Africa, Asia, and Australia. See also Komodo dragon 8. (Mining & Quarrying) exploration also referred to as: giant a nozzle for directing a high-tension fly of water at the substance to be excavated 9. (Military) (formerly) a small heavily armoured Shallow draught warship used for coastal harm 10 act as a check of 11. (Mechanical Engineering) to see or document (the game or functionality) of (an engine or additional gadget) 12. (Transmission) to check on (the technological quality of) (a stereo or television broadcast) [C16: from Latin, from monre to suggest] monitress fem d Friday• i•tor (ˈmichaelɒn ɪ tər) 1. A student appointed to help inside university or a course, as to help keep order’s conduct. An individual who admonishes, esp.

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Just about conduct. Present or a thing that provides to tell warning. A computer device or design for for uncovering noticing, or producing the function of the device or program program, esp. A computerized control system. A guitar for finding harmful fumes, emission, etc. Radio and Tv. A receiving apparatus used for monitoring signals in a control room or facility. A component with a display for viewing computer information etc. A former water- forced warship of freeboard.

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(coveralics) the initial of such warships, employed by Unification forces contrary to the Merrimack in 1862. An elevated structure straddling the shape of a roofing and obtaining windows or louvers for light or ventilating a building. Any dinosaur of your family Varanidae, of Africa the Indies, and Sydney, varied to provide warning of the current presence of crocodiles. Stereo and Television. To be controlled by (given alerts) over a getting occur order to test the quality of the sign. To see, record, or discover (a procedure or condition) with tools which have no impact upon the function or condition. 13 oversee, monitor, or regulate. To view carefully for applications of control, detective, etc.; keep an eye on. 15 provide as a monitor, sensor, inspector, etc.

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[ #8211 & 1540 ;50; & lt; Latin: agent -, plan s. Of #275 & mon;re to recommend, notify + -tor -tor ] monitor 1. A computer device that allows video alerts from a computer and displays info on a monitor. See Note at pixel. Some of different meat-eating lizards surviving in Sydney Guinea, and in tropical regions of Asia and Africa. Displays selection in total from about an inch to 10-feet (2.5 centimeters to 3 meters), the largest being the Komodo dragon of Indonesia. Check Past participle Gerund: checking monitor 1. A senior scholar who helps to observe that college guidelines are held. Observe – monitor pedseda tdy der Klassenordner prfekt responsable.

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encargado klassivanem, korrapidaja valvojaoppilas chef de classe ak prefekt felgyel (dik) pengawas bekkjarumsjnarmaur capoclasse seninas klases veckais pengawas check ordenselev. tilsynselev check ef p clas predseda triedy reditelj redar ordningsman? snf temsilcisi, mmessil lp tr?ng? Any one of several kinds of tool etc through which anything might be continuously tested, specifically a tiny display in a tv studio showing the photograph which is being given at any moment that is givenevision monitor; pc monitornitor monitor monitor der Check monitor; -monitor; skrm; -skrm, monitor monitor monitori moniteur.? monitor monitor monitor/layar Television, komputer, dsbjr, eftirlitstki monitor? monitorius, vaizduoklis monitors monitor controleapparaat checkjerm check. urzdzenie kontrolne monitor monitor monitor zaslon monitor monitor, skrm monitrnt birimi () b kim tra? to behave as, or even to use, a monitor; to maintain a cautious check on.

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These products/ experts observe the outcomes regularlyniteer controlar monitorovat; kontrolovat berwachsen overvgentrolar. observar jrele valvama valvoa contrlerrveiller, ,? pratiti, monitorirati ellenriz memantau hafa eftirlit me monitorarentrollare kontroliuoti, stebti, tikrinti kontrolt; vrot, sekot mengawasi controleren kontrollere, overvke; avlytte kontrolowadzorowa controlar a monitoriza, a controla monitorova; kontrolova nadzirati pratiti vervaka, flja kontrol etmek, gim st monitor monitor 1. Instrumento electrnico usado para monitorear una funcin; 2. Persona que una o actividad; v. Monitorear, chequear con un instrumento orgnica, tal como los latidos del corazn. Check n monitor m; blood-pressure tensiómetro, baumanómetro ( Mex), aparato para medir la presiód de la sangre; cardiac monitor cardíaco; occasion monitor de eventos; fetal heart check fetal, cardiotocógrafo; blood glucose medidor m de glucosa en sangre, aparato para medir el azúcar durante la sangre; Holter check Holter, check cardíaco ambulatorio continuo de 24 horas; vt monitorizar, monitorear, seguir Url to these pages: